10 Good Reasons Why You Should Drink A Beer! Number 4 Is Very Important!

Beer is a beverage that many people enjoy drinking whether it’s for relaxation, for fun, or along with their favorite meal.


Is popular all over the world and more than million bottles are being sold every day.

Believe it or not, beer has proven to have greater amounts of Vitamin B and protein than wine, and the anti-oxidant level is almost the same with wine. However that is not all – beer contains many other essential minerals that play an important role in our bodies’ metabolic processes.

Although it can have bad side-effects if drank in large quantities, if you consume beer in a moderate amount, your health is guaranteed to be boosted in tons of ways.

In today’s article we will reveal to you 10 different reasons why you should drink beer more often! Let’s start:

  1. Unlike other strong alcoholic beverages that damage your kidneys, beer will keep your kidneys healthy according to a study that shows that beer lowers the risk of kidney stones by an amazing 40%.
  1. According to another study, beer can lower your levels of LDL bad cholesterol in your body, thanks to the high amount of fiber it contains.
  1. The drink contains a few B vitamins such as B1. B2, B6 and B12. This helps in boosting your overall vitamin B levels even more than wine does.
  1. Beer strengthens your bones! According to a study, the high levels of silicone in beer can contribute greatly to a higher level of bone density.
  1. Thanks to its healthy amounts of nicotinic acid and lactovflavin, beer is a great remedy when it comes to curing insomnia, because of its compounds that promote sleep.
  1. Believe it or not, beer helps in reducing the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular illnesses. Numerous studies have shown that beer drinkers have a reduced risk of cardiovascular issue for miraculous 60 percent.
  1. The ingredients that beer contains have been proven by numerous experts to prevent the formation of blood clots.
  1. Beer drinkers have a smaller risk of developing Alzheimer’s and memory loss, according to a recent study.
  1. Two glasses of beer a day will help keep the stress and anxiety away, according to a group of experts from the University of Montreal.
  1. Last but not least will be of great importance for the ladies – beer keeps your skin younger and more elastic thanks to the vitamins that keep the skin tighter and smoother.



So what do you think? If you drink beer or have a friend who does, share this with them as well so they can see the amazing effects from beer-drinking!

Source: www.healthyfoodteam.com

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