13 Ways How To Stay Slim Without Diet Or Exercise

If have been struggling to achieve the perfect body but have no idea how to maintain it, then worry no more, because down below are a few tips and tricks to help you stay in shape and not regain the lost weight.

  1. Drink Green Tea

Green tea has zero calories and even helps burn them (25 calories per cup). Try replacing your coffee or glass of milk with a cup of green tea.

  1. Relax

Most of the time, stress plays a huge role in weight gain, and in today’s modern fast-pacing society where people are supposed to multitask and are being pressured from every corner of their lives, you just need to take a moment for yourself and relax every now-and-then.

  1. Know when it is enough

Keep in mind that it takes 15 minutes for our stomach to send a signal to our brain, informing it that it is full. During this time, people still feel like they’re hungry, and that is why we tend to overeat. A normal sized plate is enough for a meal.

  1. Maintain Gaps Between Meals

Pick one eating cycle and stick as close to it as you can. Avoid eating earlier or later no matter whether or not you feel hungry or full.

  1. Eat a Smaller Plate

Studies have shown that the smaller our plates are, the more our appetite revolves around maintaining proper body functions and not storing fat.

  1. 12-Minute Jinx

The slower you eat, the easier it is for the stomach to process whether or not enough food has been consumed for it to signal the brain that it is full.

  1. Whole Grains

Whole grains can be of a great help, as they provide a feeling of satiety and fullness, thus not making you crave for snacks and sugar.

  1. Keep Notes

Keep notes and updates of how much weight you’ve lost, how much you’ve gained, and how much you eat.

  1. Homemade Food


Everyone knows that homemade food is the best when it comes to maintaining proper nutrition.

  1. Eat Less

Consuming larger portions of food will make us feel full and lazy, which prevents us from getting up and doing any activities.

  1. Do Chores

Chores are often demanding, which is why they are a great workout to keep you active around your house.

  1. Love Yourself More Than Food

People find it hard to stay in shape as they love food more than themselves. When you prioritize your own health and beauty and not food, only then will you be able to really stay in shape.

Source: mrhealthyguru.com

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