6 Things You Did Not Know About Love Bites, a.k.a., The Hickey



The facts underneath will explain more about it!

Hickeys are usually red in color, they are often done to show the world this person belongs to you! “Kiss mark” is also one of the common names.

  1. Insufficiency of iron!

If it is easy for you to get hickeys on your skin, and if it will stay there for long period of time! This sign may indicate that you have an iron deficiency.

  1. Diseases caused by oral herpes!

Biting causes hickeys. If he or she has oral herpes, be careful, you can get it too!

  1. Blood clots can occur!

A New Zealand woman got brain hemorrhage as a result of a hickey! The blood clot made her left arm paralyzed.

  1. These accidents can be dangerous!

Hickeys are most common! Actually, it’s a good thing because all other sex -related injuries could be worst!

  1. How to fix them!

Nothing works as magic for these hickeys! You have to wait patiently!

  1. Are hickeys permanent?

Not really, but bad ones can stay longer like for a month!

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