7 Things That Happen When You Start Doing Planks Every Day

Body-weight exercises are the best way to stay healthier and conveniently practice your body anywhere.

One of the most effective exercise is the plank which gives the best results for your core at a very short time and there is no risk of injury.


Especially people who spend long hours sitting every day must do planks because they are useful both for performance and rehabilitation.

People who sit for more than 5 hours on a daily basis have a weakened core muscles which are crucial for providing support for the back and spinal column.

And we all know that the weaker our muscles are, the more prone to injuries we will be. That’s why planks are especially helpful when it comes to muscles exercises.

Moreover, doing planks will give you a lot more health benefits you didn’t expected such as:

1. Boost Overall Metabolism

Planking is the best way to activate all your muscles so that your body burns calories faster and boosts your metabolism.

This is a much safer option than traditional crunches because you recruit all muscles during the exercise and your energy expenditure becomes higher.

2. Improve Core Performance

Whether you’re walking, running, swimming or lifting weights the first thing you should do is to try and warm up with planks.

The difference will be noticeable because you won’t find anything else that can improve your performance the way planks will.

3. Decreased Risk of Injury To The Back & Spine

Planks are so popular with athletes and physiotherapists since they help you build muscle and endurance while keeping a risk of injury.

According to the American Council on Exercise:

“Because the plank exercise requires minimal movement while contracting all layers of the abdominal fascia, it is an excellent way to strengthen the core, which, in turn, helps reduce low-back pain.”

4. More Flexibility

This form of exercise stretches muscle groups like your shoulders, shoulder blades, and collarbone but only if you plank regularly. You will also stretch your hamstrings and arch your feet and toes.

If you want, you can proceed and increase the stretching benefits by doing a rocking plank. Just set yourself in a plank form and rock your body back and forth and move your toes a few inches either way in the same time.

5. Improved Posture

If you are a person who has a problem with sitting or standing up straight, then you should consider doing planks.

Since planks stimulate all muscles for a good posture, like your back, chest , shoulders, abs and neck, you’ll find yourself able to sit or stand up straighter in just a few days.

6. Improved Balance

Planks are performed on a stability ball , so doing planks is extremely useful for building balance.

7. Mental Health Benefits

Planking can help calm the brain and treat anxiety for people who are constantly at stress, sitting on a chair at home or at work as they stress their shoulders, core and lower body muscles.

Fortunately, planking will stretch out these muscle groups and as a result improve your overall mood.

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