8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever ! How To Grow Them Full Tips

Vegetables have all sorts of benefits, including their nutritional value and low price.

But did you know that you get even more value out of your greens by replanting them? Most of the veggies you buy, such as lettuce and green onions, can actually be regrown using just water and some simple steps. Follow our tips and instructions to learn more about how you can have a constant supply of your favorite greens, without paying an extra penny.


First, here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Check the water regularly. Make sure that the water for each re-growing crop is checked to see that the quantity is healthy and that no rogue lettuce pieces fall off and slime up your bowl.
  • Use a container of the right size. This should be relative to the size of the food being grown. For instance, green onion and lemongrass can grow in tall, narrow glasses while lettuce and celery require more shallow containers. You may use recycled containers for this, such as glass jars, small vases, storage bowls and shot glasses. These can also make lovely centerpieces for your table, being practical at the same time.
  • You can keep your little crops growing indoors. Anywhere close to a window would work fine.
  • You may re-grow the same plant more than once, as long as the area does not get overcrowded. 1-2 green onions can fit in a shot glass and 3-4 lemongrass will fit in a small vase.

The following are 8 foods that re-grow using water alone:

  1. Scallions– take one glass of water and leave an inch of the scallion attached to the root and put it inside. Put it in a well-lighted room.
  2. Garlic– the sprouts can be divided by the garlic glove and when they’ll start sprouting put them in a glass will small amount of water
  3. Bok Choy– First you need to leave the roots in water for 1-2 weeks and then take them from it and transplant to a pot filled with soil.
  4. Carrots– take one top of a carrot and put it in a cup that is filled with minimum water. Put the cup in some room with great lightening or beside a window.
  5. Basil– the cuttings from basil grow fully into full basil plants. You need to change the water daily from the glass of water that you already put clippings with 3-4 inches stems.
  6. Celery– the procedure before transferring it to soil lasts 3 days. You only need the leftovers from celery bottom placed in a shallow cup on the sun.
  7. Romaine lettuce– take a bottom of lettuce and put it in ½ inch water, when you start noticing new leaves and roots transplant it into the soil.
  8. Cilantro– Plats are fully grown after a few months. Place the stems in a glass of water and after the roots are grown fully enough place them in the soil.

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