A Woman Wanted to See What Will Happen If She Eats Nothing but Bananas for 12 Days. Here is the Result!

A nutritionist ate nothing but bananas for 12 days to test all of their benefits and find out what changes would take place in her body.

Bananas are a wonderful fruit that can provide the body with a lot of nutrients. They help with vision, weight loss, hypertension, and much more.

Yulia Tarabath is a nutritionist and a motivational coach by profession. She tried to check out the effects of mono diet on human body and became the subject herself. She ate bananas for 12 consecutive days to find out the changes in her body.


Apart from consuming bananas, she drank plenty of water, sometimes three liters in a day and continued exercise as normal. She took adequate rest as her body was going to through deeper detox and restoration.

She named the diet ‘banana Island diet’ because bananas were all she ate.

She chose bananas because, as she says, they are fruits that are rich in nutrients and easy to eat, and are very affordable. Bananas are higher in calories than other fruits, the contain fiber and because of this can control appetite and cause feelings of fullness for a longer period of time. She also suggests adding green vegetables to this regimen, but only one type, such as celery.

The Results

  • Her digestion improved and she had reduced stomach pains. She felt less bloated and her bowels functioned perfectly.
  • Before the experiment she had high blood sugar, hormonal imbalance and yeast imbalance. During and after the experiment, all of those problems disappeared.
  • Her mood improved and she felt more relaxed and creative:

“I felt more mental clarity and concentration”, says Tarabath.

This feeling is surely due to the levels of tryptophan and potassium that bananas contain which help with cellular communication, maintaining adequate levels of oxygen in the brain.

  • She also had more energy during her day, obviously not just because of the nutrients her body was receiving each day, but also because she stopped eating processed food and, as a result, her body was detoxified, causing her skin to become smoother and glowing.

WARNING: Despite the great benefits of mono diets and the benefits of bananas, you should be cautious with this diet because it is really drastic and not for everyone, especially people who have problems with their thyroid gland.

Consult your doctor before beginning this diet.

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