We are 3 friends and we started working with this website just because we love to help the human population. We understand that buying a complete product, even though it’s handmade from another person, you still need to pay for that. So, all we wanted to do is help you to keep your money in your pocket. We are going to post free recipes, tips and tutorials about health.

The main reason

Every single time 1 of our companions was speaking about helping to the human beings, literally every day. We were getting mad at him just because of that, even though he never stopped.

So guess what, it looks like his ideas started working, and he really transfered this friendship to an organisation. We are really hoping for a great journey on this road. We have never tried to do this before, it’s our first time, so please do not try to judge us.

If you want to help grow this community, you can Contact us and critisize, help us with some tips, or whatever else.

Everything is welcome from our side.

Last but not least

We would love to inform you that this organisation will continue working every single day, as much as we can and we are capable of.