Alkaline Water Recipe to Purify Toxins and Boost Your Immunity

Nowadays, having stress at work or at home, we often consume unhealthy food and sugary drinks. They form an acidic environment in our body and weaken our immune system, and this usually leads to more serious diseases. Have you tried an Alkaline Water Recipe before? Thanks to that, we can easily purify the toxins and also boost our immunity.

Alkaline Water

The pH factor determines the environment in our bodies, so all values below 7 are acidic and harmful to the body, and the environment in the body is alkaline if the pH is above 7.

So, the pH value is critical and may have serious consequences on your overall health.

This recipe for an alkaline water will help you maintain a healthy environment in case you cannot consume healthy food all the time. I mean, there are barely ones who eat healthy foods all the time. This drink will detoxify your organism and boost your immunity.

Preparing the Amazing Water Recipe


  • 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • 1 lemon (preferably organic)
  • 8 cups bottled water

How to prepare it:

Pour the water in a glass jar, then cut the lemon in halves and squeeze them. If you use organic lemons, keep the rind too. After this, add the Himalayan salt, close the jar and leave it for 12 hours on room temperature.

How to use it:

You can start the day with this alkaline water drink since it will restore the balance of your body and remove harmful toxins, and alkalize the organism. Drink three glasses in the morning, before you eat anything, and see the results yourself! It will be very soon before your immune system is grateful.

Tell us your thoughts below. Have you tried it? I mean, it should be working alright. Do not forget to visit us more, we started with full power! Hopefully we’ll satisfy you!

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