How To Balance Your Armpit Bacteria To Never Smell Again (No Deodorant Required)

You’re probably one of the people that simply won’t leave the house without using deodorant first, but the question is: do you really need it?

Everybody sweats, it’s no big deal. It’s just water coming out of your body. We use deodorant to prevent the odor caused by the sweat, but in fact the sweat doesn’t smell at all! It’s actually the bacteria located under our armpits that cause the smell.

Our armpit has a pot of bacteria, just like our gut. There are two types of bacteria in our body- the bad ones that cause infections and diseases and the helpful ones that keep the organism (particularly the gut) healthy. The main purpose of the deodorant is to kill the odor-causing bacteria, but unfortunately good bacteria get killed in the process as well.

Here are a few tips on how to keep the microbiome in balance.

  • Get rid of aluminum – this element is harmful for your entire body, not just the armpits. Make sure to use an aluminium-free deodorant.
  • Switch to milder soaps – harsh soaps kill the good bacteria just as deodorants.
  • Watch out for paraben and triclosan – these two ingredients have strong antibacterial properties, which kill both the bad and the good bacteria.
  • Check the label for alum – crystal deodorants contain alum – hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate, which means they are not completely aluminum-free. However, these types of deodorants are safer than the others.



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