The Benefits of Washing Your Face with Baking Soda (VIDEO)


It can be hard to believe that something you probably already have in your pantry, such as baking soda, can be an inexpensive means of nourishing, protecting and healing the skin on your face.

A simple baking soda face mask can clean your skin, kill a wide variety of potentially destructive pathogens and make you feel a lot better. Baking soda, making your skin smoother, cleaner and fresher, can be an effective and cost-efficient alternative to a lot of expensive health and beauty products. A basic baking soda facial can also help get rid of acne and clear up rashes.

Using baking soda is a natural way to minimize the look of your pores. Baking soda will help remove the build-up of dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of your face. It will also help clean out your pores.

Watch the video below to see the demonstration of Angela Minji Kim, a popular YouTuber, on how to use baking soda for minimizing pores.



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