The Best Medicine for Joint Problems, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatism…


Joint pains are mostly caused by injuries and arthritis.

They are more common in older people, but they can trouble younger people as well. Overweight people or those who have had serious injuries of the joint are at highest risk to suffer from joint pain.

Studies showed that the regular consumption of organic gelatin is one of the best treatments for arthritis and joint pain. Gelatin can relieve the inflammation and pain caused by osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis.

Gelatin is basically dehydrated broth powder made up of bones, cartilage, collagen, and minerals. Homemade bone broth can be a great source of gelatin but many people on the run feel they don’t have time to make it. The broth has healing powers and can be made easily in the slow cooker.

Alternatively, powdered gelatin is a quick substitute for bone broth that can be a valuable addition to the diet if it is from healthy animals.  Gelatin is a great source of amino acids, which support a healthy mood, strong bones, smooth skin and proper muscle synthesis. It is important to get gelatin from the best grass-fed/ pastured animals to avoid hormones, pesticides, and heavy metal contamination.

Gelatin is a multi-use remedy, with a diverse list of benefits. This is by no means an exhaustive list of things you may notice with more gelatin in your diet, but it’s a good start.

  • It can help aid digestion and even heal digestive disorders.
  • Taking gelatin is a good way to get more protein in your diet. Adding gelatin to food is an excellent way to supplement protein without having to fill up on extra food. It should not, however, be your only source of protein since gelatin is not a complete protein. When taken with food, it helps your body better utilize other proteins and nutrients.
  • The use of gelatin improves hair quality, growth, and texture. Long-term use can make hair shiny and strong.
  • Since our bodies make less collagen as we age, gelatin can improve skin health by providing more elasticity.
  • Daily consumption of gelatin has been shown to improve nail strength and rate of growth.
  • Supplementing with gelatin can be beneficial for overall joint and bone health, and has been shown to reduce joint pain related to arthritis.
  • Gelatin is a much better alternative to protein powders, which often contain artificial sweeteners and/or preservatives.
  • Gelatin has a protein sparing effect, helping to take the edge off hunger.
  • It can also promote a more restful night of sleep.

If you are a victim of back, legs, joints and neck pain, then gelatin is the right solution for you because it contains Chondroitin, which has long been used as a supplement for helping people with arthritis pain and stiffness. Chondroitin found in gelatin supports joints, cartilage and tendons because it is basically the dissolved connective tissue of animals.  It has been discovered that therapeutic doses of cartilage, found in animal bones, (which always contains copious amounts of proline and glycine) dramatically improve rheumatoid arthritis as well as other degenerative joint conditions.

How to Prepare

Pour five grams of gelatin (the edible kind) into one 1/4 cup of cold water. Stir and let it sit till the morning. Do not refrigerate it because the gelatin will turn to jelly. Drink every morning on an empty stomach and expect the results within a week only. For better results, keep consuming this drink for a month.

You can add some honey, juice or yogurt for better taste.

This home remedy will ease your pain and stiffness within 7 days. Your condition will considerably improve within a month, and your pain will be gone for good.



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