Cheap Way to Get Rid of Head Lice That Doctors Won’t Tell You

All parents have faced the struggle of lice and know how annoying they can be, how contagious and difficult to remove also.

Lice usually are occuring in children in school both boys and girls, but girls are more prone to these parasites. Even though they aren’t dangerous at all, their bites can cause itching and the scalp can become inflamed.


In some worse cases this can lead to infection. On the market there are many products for lice removal but sometimes their price can go really high so parents are struggling for hours developing new methods of removing these insects. But fortunately, we have found this natural home made remedy to help you exterminate these boring insects.

You will need:
Lice Comb
White Vinegar
Plastic Bags (Or a shower cup)


Start off by washing your kid’s head with mouthwash and covering it with the plastic bag for about an hour. Then remove the plastic bag and wash your kid’s head with vinegair and when you’re done, cover it again with the bag for about an hour. Then remove the bag and wash the head with regular shampoo. And after that, finally, comb the kid’s hair with the lice comb. The strong smell of listerine will keep them away and the vinegair will kill off all the lice eggs.

This method is better than the market’s ones because they arent filled with harmful chemicals that might enter the child’s bloodstream, it provides long term results and it is actually really cheap.

We hope this was helpful to you, tell us what you think in the comments below!

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