Coconut Oil and Lemon Mixture: It Turns Gray Hair Back to Its Natural Color

One of the first signs of aging is gray hair, and it represents a nightmare for every single woman as it affects the overall look and aesthetic image. While there are several ways you can try and ‘fix’ this problem by hiding it, believe it or not there are actual ways to permanently fix this issue. The way to do so is by using natural homemade remedies that will help bring back your natural hair color.


Consuming this health-beneficial drink on regular basis is extremely important for it to work.

Lemon and Coconut Oil Mixture

  • 3 tsp. of organic freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Organic coconut oil – it depends on the length of the hair


Mix the two ingredients well until you end up with a homogeneous mixture. Once done, take the paste and apply it on your hair, massaging it gently everywhere. Let the mixture sit for an hour before washing it off. Repeat this procedure once in a week.

These two ingredients have been shown to be some of the most beneficial and versatile gifts from nature. Coconut oil is loaded with medium chain fatty acids, anti-microbial properties and lauric acid, all of which can help improve the condition of the hair. Lemon on the other hand is rich in vitamin C and B, phosphorus and other health beneficial properties which treat the root cause of gray hair.


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