Cold Water Vs Warm Water: One of Them is Damaging to Your Health

Most people immediately head to the kitchen to get a cup of water or some cold water after waking up, and this is a normal everyday thing. However, in order to get the most benefits of drinking morning liquids, it is important that we follow one simple rule – drinking warm water instead of cold.

Drinking warm water as soon as you wake up provides a number of health benefits that will help you get ready to take on the following day. Down below is a short list of some of the health benefits from drinking warm water:

  1. It Relieves Pain

Warm water can soothe irritated or dry swollen throats, and it will reduce the swelling while temporarily reducing pain. It also relaxes the muscles in the stomach and treats cramps.

  1. Improves Bowel Movements

Drinking warm water imporves digestion at any given time of the day, and a study has shown that a group of patients that suffered from achalasia, showed significant results of improvement in their condition after drinking the hot water. So practice drinking warm water every morning before breakfast.

  1. Improves Circulation

Warm water also helps improve blood flow in your body, as the blood cell flow increases by a dramatic amount when first drinking warm water in the morning.

  1. Weight Loss

While water in general helps accelerate the weight loss process, drinking warm water is considered to be a far better fat-burning liquid.

A study conducted by the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine has shown that a group of overweight female participants were instructed to drink large amounts of water so the effect on weight loss can be studied.

Eight weeks later, the researchers found that the participants had experienced a significant decrease in body weight, body mass index and overall appetite.


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