Dad Was Recording His Twins On Camera. But When They Started Doing This? He Can’t Stop Laughing!


Roy Johannink was recording his twin babies Merle and Stijn when he noticed the twins appeared to be communicating with each other. The video was recorded almost four years ago, and Johannink has continued to document the lives of his children as they age, and even has some footage of the twins’ mother’s belly before they were born.

From the video below, it seems the twins are quickly on their way to forming a special bond. Twins are known to create such bonds; some consider it to be a type of twin ESP.

Although many twins report having a mental connection with their sibling, twin expert Nancy L. Segal thinks otherwise. According to Health’s Pamela Prindle Fierro, Segal says, “There is no evidence that twins’ similarities are caused by mental communication.”


What do you think? Do you think twins share a special bond with each other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




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