Dandelion Treats Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver Diseases, Kidneys, Stomach… Here’s How To Prepare

Dandelion has been a mainstream plant for centuries, and its therapeutic properties have been used as a part of the treatment of different well-being illnesses and conditions.

What it does is detoxifying the liver, empowering the generation of bile, manages cholesterol levels, treats sensitivities, and is of awesome help to pregnant ladies and ladies in menopause.


It is best to pick it toward the start of spring, in April, and reap it from spots which are not very dirtied. Its stem is the most helpful part, as it treats diabetes, refines the blood, directs the digestion system, and treats stomach issues.

Its leaves are high in vitamins and can be added to plates of mixed greens and different suppers to help you get more fit and get the required supplements.

Dandelion Root: Fights cancer and other medical problems

You should peel the roots, cut them, and leave them to dry on an outside air for 15 days. When they are done, they will be fresh on touch, and you ought to keep them in a container in a dull, cool place.

The roots are amazingly advantageous for the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and lymph, and successfully treat clogging, skin inflammation, hepatitis, stiffness, blockage, and in addition sores, tumors and diseases.

It is also very effective in problems related to breastfeeding, and other female diseases.

Syrup formula:

You will need:

400 yellow dandelion blossoms

4 cut lemons

4 cut oranges

3 liters of water

Add these ingredients to the water and leave them in this manner for 24 hours. At that point, add 2 measures of sugar, and cook this for about two minutes. At the point when the blend turns out to be thick and syrupy, remove it from warmth, and empty it into cleaned jugs. Use it to treat normal colds, constant hacks, and bronchitis.

Tea Recipe

Dandelion tea is produced using dried, hacked, minced, and blended dandelion roots. Take a large portion of a teaspoon of the blend and add it to a glass of water to set up your tea.

You can likewise blend 60 grams of this blend with 30 grams of dried dandelion roots. Add the blend to 2.5 ounces of water, and a touch of salt. Boil this and stew for 20 minutes. At that point, strain, and drink a glass of it three times every day.

Source: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com

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