Her Daughter Came Inside Screaming. When Her Mom Sees Her Hand? Pure Panic. But The Cause? YIKES!


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to get a frantic call letting them know that their son or daughter is getting rushed to the emergency room, and is fighting for their life.

However, that was the exact kind of call one Granbury, Texas dad received while his daughter was supposed to be safely playing at daycare. Two-year-old Kiley Cook had been sent out with the rest of her class at the Rainbow’s Promise Daycare and had been playing alongside her friends when she suddenly felt a sharp, sudden pain in her hand.

The two-year-old looked down and saw the copperhead snake that bit her finger, and released poison into her skin that caused her finger, hand, and arm to swell and turn black.

“It was a scary moment. My heart stopped,” mom Nataly Horn, who works at the daycare, said.

Kiley was immediately flown by helicopter to the Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth where they sedated the two-year-old and treated the venomous bite. While Kiley is expected to make a full recovery, Nataly and her husband Michael are understandably shaken.

“We’re scared to even let her go outside right now,” Nataly  said.

Watch the entire video below to see how Kiley is doing since being bitten by such a dangerous snake.


Source: naturalmedicinebox.net

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