Don’t Ignore Your Body’s Warning Signs, Because They Can Save Your Life Some Day!

Usually when something is off in our bodies, one of two things happens. Some people immediately panic, hop on the Internet, and within an hour have diagnosed themselves with some fatal disease or rare condition. Others ignore the issue, bury any stress, and hope that it will soon pass. It’s not ideal to indulge in either of these extremes, but there is a happy medium that can help you keep your body on track and assure that you’re not leaving anything serious undiagnosed.


Whether it’s something on your skin, an issue in your stomach, or overall malaise, it’s important you know what symptoms are normal and what you need to get checked out. To make sure you aren’t ignoring any important bodily signals, try not to dismiss any of these seven symptoms, and instead make an appointment with your doctor just to be sure. And whatever you do, don’t panic! Not everything is always a serious issue, but it can’t hurt to take precautions.

Swollen neck

It usually appears in women in their 30s. This type of health condition can be caused by some kind of infection or a sore throat, but also, swollen neck can be caused by changes in the thyroid gland, and it must be checked by your doctor immediately!

Too many moles

Some of them are 100% safe, but, be careful, because some of these moles may indicate skin cancer. You need to check them to make sure that the moles are harmless.

Dry, chapped lips

It may be caused by periodic changes in body temperature, but in more severe and more serious cases, it may be cause of the lack of vitamin B, C or zinc. It can be caused by fungal infection as well.

Grey hairs before you turn 35

This warning sign may indicate many different health problems, such as: diabetes, many stressful years, and it can be genetic problem as well.

White of the eye

Your white of the eye should always be white, no matter what. If it is red, you should be worried. You can have an allergic reaction, a reaction to stress or some kind of viral infection.



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