Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning – The Mistake Millions of People Make

The trend of drinking lemon water has recently went viral, with millions of people all over the world following the trend of doing the morning routine. However, the majority of people who practice this healthy routine on a daily basis all seem to be making a fatal mistake while doing so, that can potentially lead to the opposite effects and no benefits.

The mistake everyone makes is that they throw out the peel of the lemons. The peel is the most nutritious part of the vitamin, which is why it is more preferable if you prepare it along with the glass of lemon water. It is better to slice the lemon, squeezing the juice into a bottle and adding some hot or ice water.

Down below is the perfect lemon water recipe:

Start off by getting two fresh organic lemons, before cutting them in thin or thick slices. Once done, squeeze some of the lemon slices into the water before grating the peel and squeezing the lemon pieces in the water.

The remaining slices can be blended and stored in a bottle, mug or travel cup. Fill up the container with ice cold or boiling hot water.

If taken properly, experts claim that lemon water can improve the digestion process, helps slow the absorption of food, conserving insulin stores in the body and ensuring the body gets the most out of the food it processes.

Source: womandailytips.com

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