Drinks and Smoothies You Should Avoid When Losing Weight

We all probably know the drinks that block losing weight, alcohol and sodas. The truth is, you can intake lots of drinks full of calories without even knowing that. In case you want to lose weight, below you can find all of the Drinks and Smoothies you should avoid.

Drinks and Smoothies you should avoid – Losing Weight is Important

One of the reasons is the fact that our body doesn’t feel as full from drinks, as when eating food.

Plus, they are just full of sugar, and when it comes to calories taken, it’s always better if they come from food, rather than drinks.

If you can’t completely get rid of these unhealthy drinks, try to intake as less as possible.

Coffee Add-ins

Mochaccino, frappe with some chocolate and some whip cream, coffee with cream caramel or coconut. Today we have a wide range of choice, and all of these additions are just full of calories.

You don’t have to quit caffeine, but try and drink a cup of black coffee without sugar, yet if still need milk, add a small teaspoon of milk in your cup.

Low-fat milk

All of the researches show that people who drink low-fat milk ( 1% fat ) have a tendency to be fatter than those who drink whole non-sugary milk.

It is especially recommended to avoid milk with flavors like strawberry, cookies, or hazelnut because these are full of sugar. If your organism can’t stand dairy products, it would be the best if you could drink Almond milk, without sugar.

Iced tea

Believe it or not, iced teas contain the same amount of sugar as sodas. Just half a liter of iced tea contains 11 teaspoons of sugar. The best option is to make your own iced tea, with no sugar, and if you still prefer to add some sweeteners, add some honey, and some lemon for a better taste.

Orange juice

Don’t be fooled about these ones. Even those boxes where it says they are 100% without sugar, they contain natural hidden sugar in it. One glass of orange juice contains 6 teaspoons of sugar; one glass of apple juice contains 7 teaspoons of sugar, while grape juice has 9 teaspoons in a glass. Too much, right?

The sugar in these juices is decomposed really fast, since there are no other nutrients in it, such as fats or proteins. This process causes disruption of your blood sugar level and makes you feel hungry, while your body needs an extra amount of sugar and carbohydrates.

Smoothies with lots of additions

When you make a smoothie, it is easy to put lots of fruits and veggies in the blender. Banana, apple, some almonds, chia seeds, honey, milk or yogurt… sounds familiar, right?

You wouldn’t just sit and eat all these in a meal at once, would you?  Then why do you put them all together in a blender?

Smoothies are a healthy choice, but you should be careful with the ingredients. The best way is to consume healthy proteins, like, avocado or a teaspoon of peanut butter,  with half of some fruit and regular yogurt. You can always substitute fruits, with tasty green vegetables.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are a nightmare to your health plan or diet. They are even worse than alcohol. Once you start a healthy lifestyle, and some exercises, your body will start feeling the change and you won’t simply need an artificial dose of energy. Therefore, forget about the energy drinks full of sugars, make sure you eat healthily, exercise, and sleep well.

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