Eat This For Breakfast Every Morning And Watch Fat Disappear!

Eating breakfast is not only essential for fueling up for the day but crucial for maintaining a healthy weight.

Consuming the majority of calories at the beginning of the day just makes sense, as it gives you more time to burn them off. Skipping breakfast will turn you into a zombie, or at least, stall out your metabolism.

According to a survey conducted by the NPD group, nearly 90 percent of Americans now eat breakfast, and yet nearly 50 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese.


There are two things you should know about breakfast:

  1. Timing isn’t as important as you think. You don’t need to eat immediately (or even within one hour) after you wake up. Your metabolism won’t be harmed.
  2. Eating breakfast may not only make people, especially obese, lose weight but can also make them more physically active and reduce food intake later in the day, reveals a study.

We broke down the science and asked nutritionists for the ideal breakfast for each of us.

“You want a calorie-controlled breakfast that will keep you satisfied,” says Toby Amidor, a nutrition expert and author of The Greek Yogurt Cookbook.

“I suggest something with whole grains, lean protein and/or healthy fat.” A good option would be 1/2 cup of quick oats topped with a shot-glass-sized portion of almonds.

Have you ever thought of why nutritionists suggest adding oatmeal to your first meal of the day? Well, you’ll find out about the benefits of eating oatmeal in the following article.

The Best Benefits of Oatmeal

  • It is depurative: Thanks to the huge amount of amino acids that it contains, it stimulates the production of leptin in the liver, promoting the complete cleanse of toxins from the body. Eating oatmeal is good for cleaning artery walls because fiber “sets up a barrier” fat deposits that accumulate in them and that can cause a lot of cardiac, cholesterol, and more problems.
  • It helps control blood sugar levels: This is great news for people that suffer from diabetes. You definitely have to add it to your diet in order to improve starch digestion and keep glycemic levels stable, especially after eating.
  • Improves digestion: If you have problems when you eat lunch or dinner, oatmeal helps reduce gallbladder acids, which also facilitates intestinal transit and prevent constipation. Because it is rich in slow carbon absorption hydrates, they keep the feeling of satisfaction for longer, which is a good alternative for people who are going on a diet, because it takes away the desire to eat each time.
  • It has very valuable proteins: A total of eight essential amino acids are in oatmeal, which turns into a source of proteins that have great biological value. This quality allows it to form new tissues in your body.
  • It is anti-carcinogenic: There are various studies that have been done in the United States on the properties of oatmeal as a protective force against cancer, a disease that is more and more common in this country and many others. This is due to the phytochemicals that it contains. Thus, we suggest that you eat oatmeal every day to reduce the possibility of contracting breast or colon cancer to over 10%.
  • It is good for your heart: The reason is because of the large amount of omega 3 and linoleic acids, known as “good fat” which help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), which promotes heart and brain activities,
  • It helps your central nervous system: Thanks to the B complex vitamins that oatmeal has, it develops, maintains, and balances the functioning of the nervous system.
  • It prevents thyroid problems: Especially hyperthyroidism, because it contains iodine, a mineral that helps the related gland function properly.
  • It prevents osteoporosis: Because it has the necessary calcium levels for good bone health, which prevents demineralization.
  • It helps you lose weight: For that reason, you should eat it on an empty stomach or with breakfast, along with skim or soy milk, orange juice, or nuts.
  • It is one of the best sources of energy which is why we recommend eating it first thing in the morning or before midday, especially for people that work many hours out of the home or have to study for an exam.
  • It is a huge ally in beauty treatments: You can take advantage of the properties of oatmeal besides just eating it. You can also use it topically (externally) with a moisturizing cream to turn it into a truly amazing face exfoliant. It is much more economic than any other beauty treatment.

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