The Most Efficient Remedies to Remove Brown Spots on Your Face Naturally


Brown spots and freckles are tiny spots on the skin that are caused due to over-exposure to the sun.

People with sensitive skin see the formation of freckles with the slightest exposure to light. Freckles can also be hereditary or passed from one generation to another. A rare skin disorder called Xeroderma Pigmentosum can also lead to the formation of freckles since it makes the skin extremely sensitive to the UV rays of the sun.

Many people suffer from freckles and spend exorbitant amounts on the cosmetic products that promise them a freckle-free skin. Most of these cosmetic products fail to deliver what they promise. Natural cures for getting rid of freckles are not only inexpensive but are also proven remedies. Since centuries, these treatments are being used successfully to remove freckles.

Natural Home Remedies For Freckles

Lemon Juice For Freckles

Take one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and apply it on the body parts affected with freckles. Use the tip of your index finger for application. Let the juice dry on the skin. If the juice does not sting your skin then leave it on otherwise wash it off with cold water after 20 minutes.

Apply lemon juice on the freckles for about two weeks’ time to see the freckles become lighten in color. Lemon juice has bleaching properties and is highly effective in treating freckles by diminishing their color.

Tomato Juice For Freckles

Take a large ripe tomato and clean it under running water. Wash the tomato well so that the skin is completely clean of dirt and germs. Mash the tomato to a pulp and apply the pulp generously all over the areas affected with freckles.

Now using the tip of your index finger, start massaging the skin to allow the juice better entry into the skin pores. Leave the juice on the skin for 15-20 minutes and then wash the skin using water. Do not use soap on the treated part for at least a couple of hours. The treatment with tomato juice should be done twice a day for two weeks. By the end of the two weeks, your freckles would have lightened considerably and your skin will acquire an even tone and a healthy glow,

Orange Peel For Freckles

Obtain orange peel powder by drying orange peels under the hot Sun for five days. Grind the dried peels into powder form. Mix a little orange essential oil and lemon juice in the powdered peels and apply the paste on the freckles.

Leave the paste to dry. Remove the paste by scrubbing it off the skin and then wash the skin with cold water. Orange has a bleaching effect much like lemon juice and is quite effective in lightening the freckles.

Turmeric For Freckles

Since centuries turmeric is being used to treat various skin conditions. Freckles, too, can be successfully treated with the use of turmeric. Buy fresh turmeric sticks from your local health store and then grind them into a fine powder. Take a teaspoon of turmeric powder and add water to it to make a paste of spreadable consistency.

Cover the freckles well with this paste. Let the paste dry and dry scrub it from your skin. Wash the skin using lukewarm water. Repeat the application of turmeric paste as many  times as you want to in a day.

Sour Cream For Freckles

This remedy is good for people who have dry skin with freckles. People with oily and acne skin should not use this treatment to cure freckles. Take about a teaspoon of beaten sour cream and cover the freckles with the cream. Massage the cream onto the freckles. Wipe off the cream from the skin using a soft cloth or a soft facial tissue. Wash with lukewarm water if you cannot bear the smell of sour cream.



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