Every Time I Was In Her House It Smelled Amazing, But I Had No Idea Why. Then She Showed Me THIS Trick (VIDEO)


Keeping the house smelling good not only makes it a more pleasant space but helps it appear cleaner and more attractive. Not interested in keeping one of those plug-in or stand alone air fresheners, but still crave that clean air smell? Looking for a way to freshen the air naturally, without toxic products? Look no further than your essential oil aisle at the local craft store.

Here is a super easy DIY for Air fresheners. You can use these anywhere in your house and I have two versions to choose from.

Items used:
– Used Candle Jar
– Mason Jar with tin lid
– Baking Soda
– Essential Oil
– Fork
– Screwdriver
– Hammer
– Tea light (optional)


Source: supertastyrecipes.com

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