Lemon is healthy and provides us with antioxidants and vitamin C, but ONLY warm water with lemon will help us lose weight. Very little evidence exists to prove that it helps digestion and cleanses the body of toxins.


However, warm water with lemon can lead to some pretty bad side effects if you overdo consumption of it.

If you consume large amounts of hot water and lemon, it can cause acid because this fruit contains high levels of acid, so this same acid can damage the enamel of your teeth.

If you don’t rinse your mouth with water, acid may remain on your teeth and do more damage than help.

Most people should drink one to two cups of this drink.

Here are some other drinks, you can drink more often in order to make you stay healthy, boosted with energy and lively.


We can call it natural energy drink, and research shows that two to three cups of coffee before training allows us to train longer and harder – which means that the body burns more calories.

What gives more energy than coffee in the morning? We call it an energy drink and some researches show that up to three coffees before training allow people to train harder and longer, meaning – the body burns more calories.

But, it is important to remember that coffee should be consumed without sugar or milk, since this is the quickest way to overturn its positive effects.

Cold water

You can replace lemon with some ice cubes because cold drinks force the body to consume more energy during the day and to maintain body weight.

Moreover, if you consume three large glasses of cold water through the day, you burn another 100 calories. Doing this every day, throughout a year, you can lose up to 4.5 kg. Be careful and remember not to refuel these calories with other unhealthy foods.

Green tea

Green tea is very famous lately since it is free of calories and can help you burn fat and get the unwanted weight off. If you drink more than 3 cups of green tea on a daily basis, you can lose more weight than drinking the same amount of water.

Don’t forget to use fresh tea, and try to avoid the bottled ones because they contain high amounts of sugar and less antioxidants. Avoid green tea supplements because they can lead to liver damage.

Source: www.mycentralhealth.com