How To Get Off Head Lice And Dandruff In Just 15 Minutes (VIDEO)

Lice is incredibly common in kids ages 3 to 12, especially girls.

Six to 12 million kids in the U.S. get head lice each year, and just as many tears are shed by kids—and adults—trying to get rid of them. Prescription insecticides can be toxic, and over-the-counter treatments may not work. The result? Frustration.

“The biggest problem today is that lice have become resistant to the over-the-counter stuff,” said Anna Albano-Krosche, owner of the head lice removal salon, The Lice Lady of Westchester in Elmsford, N.Y.


About the size of a sesame seed, head lice, six-legged parasites that live on the human head, are hard to see. And nits — eggs that females glue onto hairs near the scalp — are even more difficult to spot.

But, luckily, lice can’t live more than a few days away from the warmth and food the human head provides. And though they are hardy in some ways — they can survive submersion for up to six hours (that’s why swimming and showers don’t kill them) — they can’t jump, hop, or fly. In fact, head-to-head contact is usually required for them to spread.

If they’re not on a head, they get dehydrated and die very quickly. After about a day without a meal they starve to death.

What to do if you or your kid has lice? You need to know how to get rid of lice fast. Watch this video and learn the home remedies to kill lice easily.

For dandruff, we recommend coconut oil. Because of its rich, emollient texture and antifungal properties, coconut oil makes an excellent deep conditioner and dandruff treatment, especially for those with most sensitive skin. Plus, coconut oil has the added bonus of a fresh, natural tropical scent and no chemicals. Your hair will feel cool and there will no more itching.



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