How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever? Checked acts 100%!

There is a great variety of fight methods against cockroaches: traditional carbophos, chemicals and modern traps. And it’s a pity but the majority of these ways has significant shortcomings. You’ll really get rid of cockroaches, but only for a certain time, often cockroaches simply decrease in number, no more than that. In addition an unpleasant chemicals smell may appear in the apartment for a long time. Furthermore the chemicals are hazardous for animals and humans’ health.


What is necessary to know for successful fight against cockroaches?

Before resolving the problem of how to get rid of cockroaches, it is necessary to study carefully all nuances concerning life of the opponent.

Cockroaches are able to live long enough without food, but they can’t live without water under any circumstances. If the semi-poisoned, semi-dead, crippled cockroach is able to crawl to water, he’ll become immortal again. As soon as the insect will drink, it will be vivid and unharmed again. Cockroaches are too small, that’s why we are not able to block all approaches to water for them. Moisture in a flowerpot, or a small droplet near a sink or on a floor, not to mention a drain tank of a toilet bowl will be enough for them. Therefore don’t hope that you will be away on vacation, and your cockroaches will die out without you from hunger – they’ll have enough to drink at home and will go to the neighbors’ for lunch.

The most terrible poison for cockroaches is a boric acid.  Cockroaches are suffering from torments; all their body covers an improbable intolerable itch. Even if the cockroach, poisoned with boric acid won’t die, anyway he won’t ever return on the place, where he got the infection. How to get rid of cockroaches forever? – The answer is – boric acid.

The method of getting rid of cockroaches we are suggesting in this article  is connected with curiosity of insects. You should take one raw yolk and to fill it with 30-50 g of boric acid. Stir the ingredients to a consistence of dense gruel. Shape balls from this paste with a diameter of about 1 cm, allow them to dry up and scatter all over apartment, choosing foregrounds. Kitchen, bathroom and a toilet need special attention (in principle, it is possible to limit with these places). Don’t forget that places have to be foreseeable not from person point of view, but from the point of view of a cockroach. These can be surfaces of shelves, cases, kitchen set. Everything above your eyes is the place visible to cockroaches. If you have flowers on window sills, you may put balls on them also. Small researchers are most active at night, therefore during the day you can clean the balls from those surfaces where they deliver you inconveniences, and put them again at night.

Cockroaches won’t notice the disguised boric acid, but will surely take a keen interest for a beautiful ball. As soon as the insect touches a treasured subject with its short cirrus – it will be already doomed to death or at least to intolerable torments in the form of horrible itch. Cockroaches aren’t able to tell their relatives that balls conceal a deadly danger. Either these insects didn’t reach the highest evolution stage, or they can’t connect a beautiful ball with following consequences. And it means only one – new cockroaches will approach to your bait, leaving the ball with fatally disease. If a sick cockroach adjoins with healthy one, the second will also get an infection.

First you will think that you haven’t manage to solve the problem of cockroaches in the house, and all your shifts are vain. They will creep absolutely quietly round the balls, without having any inconveniences. Just be patient – you’ll have to sweep a large number of insects corpses in two-three weeks, soon cockroaches will disappear. If you meet new cockroaches in the apartment in a half of year, then it means that females managed to lay the eggs, and a new generation appeared. It is necessary to use the same method.

If many years later you discover uninvited guests about whom you’ve already forgotten – simply renew the balls, after all they won’t disturb you, if you place them above, they’ll simply work.

These recommendations will allow you to get rid of cockroaches even if the house swarms with them. In addition you won’t do any harm neither to you, nor to your lovely children and pets. Methods work smoothly even in those places where cockroaches have already become an integral part of a life – in old houses, communal flats and hostels.



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