Get Rid Of White Hair With Only 1 Natural Ingredient! IT WORKS!

Almost every woman you meet and greet is afraid or ashamed of her white hairs since everyone considers it a synonym of old age. And plus, women always want to be young and pretty so its just two opposites that don’t match up.


Not wanting to show your white hairs is totally okay and we understand that, thats why today we will show you a new healthier method of removing and covering white hairs, instead of applying hair color. No, this is not one of “those things” that require treatments or dyes, this just works the old fashioned way – naturally. And this is how to prepare it!

You need:

6 large potatoes

1 Moisturizing conditioner/shampoo

1 big pan with a lid

1 clean towel

1 empty shampoo bottle

1 colander

1 big bowl

2 liters of water


Wash the potatoes really good and them peel them and put them aside. Put the potato peels in the pan together with the 2 l of water and set them to boil for about an hour. After that, strain the liquid and store it into the empty shampoo bottle.

As usual, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and after rinsing  the conditioner with lots of water, put the peels on your head and carefully massage your scalp and hair with circular movements.

Dont rinse your hair after you are done with this. Let your hair dry or dry it with a hairdryer. Do this about 3-4 times a week and you will start noticing some serious results of no whitey-hair.

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