Girls Be Very Careful: You May Lose Memory, Hair, Nails Using…

This article is about the story of a young girl and the horrific event that she had to live through because of a one simple mistake that can happen to any of us. It came to her as a warning one morning when she just passed out on the floor in her bathroom, but what followed afterwards was even scarier! Her nails and hair were starting to fall off!


Doctors quickly diagnosed her with a “toxic shock”, an unusual bacterial illness that is transmitted through tampons. Aside from her fallen nails, her skin became irritated and was starting to fall too. She was only able to survive the conditions in an artificial coma.
She woke up 8 days later not remembering any of the past events, past life, not even her three young girls.

The problem only progressed as her brain was cancelling on her and she couldnt even finish sentences and had problems walking. She later on recovered fully but it took her two extremely difficult years.

The specialists’ warn every woman and young girl out there to be more careful when they use tampons next time, for it can be risky if not utilized properly and changed after 8 hours of use.

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