He Put a Tea Bag Inside His Car For One GENIUS Reason Not Many People Know!

This handy tip can help all tea lovers. Just when you thought that the tea bag of your favorite cup of chamomile or green tea is for drinking and then it goes to the thrash, here is an amazing tip!


If you thought that these tiny tea bags only activate with hot water, you were wrong. They hold a superpower that you’ll find it like a genius reason not to throw them ever again.

Here’s how to use the tea bags in a whole new way. This person takes a dry tea bag and places it in the car so that it serves as a natural freshener. It will take out the car odors and it will absorb moisture, just like the one you buy at the store.

The One Pot Chef says that the tea bags can last for months so you can forget about spending money on store-bought versions. So, maybe a honey lemon scent for your car? You can never go wrong with citrusy-sweet!

Source: www.myhealthybook.com

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