Here’s What Happens When Your Dog Licks Your Face! The Truth Will Shock You!


We all do it — come home and find our dogs at the door, tails wagging, and looking longingly at us. We swoop down, give them a hug and plant a juicy kiss on their faces, often allowing them to reciprocate with a lick on the nose, cheek, or mouth. But is this sanitary? Can you get sick from kissing your dog? A new study may have you thinking twice about letting your dog lick your face.

Here are three specific reasons you shouldn’t let you dog lick your face from ‘The Daily Mail’:

  1. Tapeworms-That word alone should be enough to put a halt to the kisses. But if you need an explanation, your dog can get them from coming into contact with dead animals. Then they pass them on to you by licking themselves after they use the bathroom, then licking your face. (Sorry if you were eating breakfast and reading this.)
  2. Food poisoning-If your dog licks a dead animal or they like to munch on another animal’s poo, they can pick up bacteria like salmonella. It can happen if they get into your trash as well. Once it’s in their mouth and system, then they lick your face or share a spoonful of peanut butter with you and now you have it.
  3. Cryptosporidium-This is a parasite that attacks your intestines and causes diarrhea. Sounds fun, right? It’s somewhat rare to get it from your dog, but letting them lick your face is one way it can happen.



It may sound like your dog is a walking disease disaster area, but most diseases can be prevented with vaccinations, spot-on medication, and common sense.

Always wash your hands and avoid sharing kisses, beds and dinner plates with your dog.

And while they may increase your risk of some conditions, vets and doctors say dogs are good for your health. Studies have shown that children raised in homes with at least two pets are less likely to suffer from allergies later in life.

And the need to exercise dogs means their owners tend to be healthier and happier.


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