Home Remedy for Lowering Triglycerides

It is always a good idea to surprise your body in a positive way, but what we are showing you today is a recommendation to try the recipe that will help you reduce your triglyceride levels, naturally. We all suffer from this and believe me, this Home Remedy for Lowering Triglycerides helped one of my friends.

His blood test results were freaking insane. Everyone was watching him as a dead meat, literally. They thought he’s a dead man walking. However, after he started consuming this juice, everything was better. He lowered his Triglycerides and also the Cholesterol so now he’s feeling fresh again.

Home Remedy for Lowering Triglycerides

Home Remedy for Lowering Triglycerides and Cholesterol


  • 2 cups /400 grams chopped celery
  • 2.2 lbs /1 kg lemons
  • 8.5 cups /2 liters water


Wash the lemons well, and cut them into slices and add the pieces in 8.5 cups (2 l of water) Put the water-lemon mixture on the stove. Now, chop the celery and add it to the water. Let it cook for 20 minutes on high heat. Afterwards, take it off and let it cool on room temperature for at least 6 hours. Them strain the mixture and it is ready to be consumed.

Nutritionists recommend that you should consume 3.5 oz (100ml) before your meal, three times per day. Keep the rest in a dark and cold place.

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