Homemade Bread Recipes – Never Buy Bread Again

Most people in the United States today view the bread purchased at the supermarket as what bread should be. The actual truth is that the bread you buy in the supermarket has the texture and substance that it has for one reason and one reason alone: so that it can be made on an industrial scale and not grow “old” on the shelf at your supermarket.

There are two big explanations for this. The industrial scale process is designed to maximize profit while still producing an edible loaf of bread on the table. This is done by using an excessive amount of yeast in order to create lots of air bubbles in the bread, hence the “light” texture of store-purchased bread. It also allows for the use of lower-quality grains because of this yeast abundance, thus the bread is far from nutrient-rich.


The other bothersome part of industrial bread making is the appearance of a healthy dose of preservatives. These preservatives are there solely to extend the shelf life of the bread, again reducing costs for the manufacturer. Every time you eat a piece of store-purchased bread, you’re getting a healthy dose of preservatives with each bite.

Homemade bread is substantially tastier than store-purchased bread, isn’t laden with preservatives, is very inexpensive to make, and doesn’t take all that much time, either.

Bread is quite easy to make at home, and you only need a few staple ingredients to make a simple loaf. Here’s exactly how to make delicious loaves at home.


Note: SAF-INSTANT yeast is better to use because you don’t need to proof it (to activate the yeast in warm water).

You need to dissolve the active dry yeast in warm water before you put all the ingredients and it will require a little bit more active dry yeast.

Basic Sourdough Bread– you only need 4 ingredients to make this exceptional sourdough recipe: flour, starter, salt and water.

Duncan`s Meat in a Loaf– meat and bread in one. Children love this bread and you can also prepare a nice sandwich for more people.

Sandwich bread– made with eggs and butter, this bread is excellent choice for burger buns or as sandwich bread.

Potato Bread Using Leftover Masher Potatoes– you can add a cup of mashed potatoes if you want to give wetness to this simple and smooth sandwich bread.

Crusty French Bread– you can use this bread for chowders and soups, as twists, loaves or eatable bread bowls. Eat it fresh because of the crackly crust. You can also prepare a French toast from the leftovers.


Source: modernandhealthylife.com

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