Homemade Cough Relief and Lung Inflammation Remedy: Faster Acting and More Powerful Than Any Cough Syrup!

Almost every cough medicine contains Dextromethorphan or DXM. DXM is active ingredient which has been used as in cough medicines for years but most people don’t know how dangerous it actually is. In fact, it is so dangerous that it can become fatal for children and young adults.

Homemade Cough Relief Remedy

It is one of the main reasons for emergency room visits and drug-related death in young adults.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, children and infants under the age of two should never be given cough and cold medicines, “because serious and potentially life-threatening side effects can occur.”

So, the next time instead of considering to use dangerous and potentially fatal over the counter cough medicines, try this homemade cough and lung inflammation recipe.

This is a very powerful remedy that is faster acting than any cough syrup on the market.


– 1 bag of green tea

– 1/2 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger root

– 1/2 of teaspoon turmeric

– 1/3 teaspoon of thyme

– 2 teaspoons of raw honey

– Juice of half a lemon


Place the tea bag and herbs into a large cup with boiling water.

Let them seep for several minutes.

Strain and add raw honey and lemon.


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