Honey Wraps – Cures Strong Cough And Removes Mucus From The Lungs In Just One Night! Especially Efficient For Children

The essence of this cough treatment is a natural method, which has always been used to treat diseases of the respiratory tract.

Honey wraps are excellent tool that eliminate bad cough, literally for one night. They are recommended for both children and adults.


Honey has a high biological activity, and with the help of coating it can discard mucus (phlegm accompanied by severe attacks of coughing.

Honey Wrap Recipe


  • Honey
  • Flour
  • vegetable oil
  • gauze
  • napkin
  • Band-Aid adhesive tape

 Method of Preparation:

Mix the flour with a small amount of honey to get a mixture which should not stick to hands.

Add a little vegetable oil and then wrap coat in flour.

Place the mixture on a napkin and wrap in cheesecloth.

Apply on the chest or back, using the plaster adhesive tape.

Put on pajamas.

Make sure not to put the compress near the heart area of the heart but slightly above.

Leave the compress on your child for 2-3 hours, it is best when sleeping, adults can keep it the whole night.

For adults, you can add a little mustard powder for an enhanced effect.

You would need to protect the sheets, because you will be sweating a lot, and therefore, your sheets might get wet.

The treatment can be repeated several days in a row.

Such wraps can do wonders for your health since they have amazing anti-inflammatory properties and a slightly warming effect. The results of these compresses will follow almost immediately. Even in the initial stage of the disease you will feel the positive benefits of these honey wraps. They can help you treat the disease without any complications.

When Can You Use Honey Wraps?

When coughing, honey wraps can be used in children older than 6 months. The child must not have skin diseases and injuries of the skin.

CAUTION: Make sure that your child isn’t allergic to bee products. You can check it out by putting a small amount of honey on the child’s body. If there is redness or swelling, it means that there is an allergic reaction. In this case, honey wraps should not be used.

They are not recommendable if the temperature of the child is higher than 37 degrees.

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