Incredible – Rub Index Finger 60 Second And See What Happen to Your Body


It is linked with the heart and lungs, so when you have shortness of breath or when you experience palpitate, immediately rub your thumb and pull the lead out.


Do this when you have problems with your stomach and constipation

Rub Index Finger

Index finger

Rub your finger palm for constipation and diarrhea, it is associated with colon and stomach.

Middle finger

If you feel sick while travelling try to rub your middle finger. Also, those of you who have a poor sleep quality due to pericardium can try this.

Sweet finger

It is good for people with frequent migraines and muscle pain in the neck that appears due to the blood not flowing smoothly, so rub your sweet finger.


These are connected to a lot of nerves, clap your hands if you want to protect your physical health.

Black hands

Connected to the side of the waist, so for the painful piggang, pat-pat the back of your hands.

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