They Itch You And They Bleed? Here Is One Natural Solution For Healing Hemorrhoids Fast and Easy!


Hemorrhoids are a collection of veins that are located in the anal canal, their primary role is to help with stool control, when they become inflamed and irritated, we commonly call them “hemorrhoids”.

If you have hemorrhoids then you know how painful and embarrassing it can be. Though, not a serious disease, it can be extremely troublesome.

However, before starting to treat hemorrhoids this way, you need to understand why they get inflamed and what can you do about it.

According to many readings and many studies, hemorrhoids get inflamed when people “push” when they are in the bathroom, I don’t want to talk about all the scientific words and research, I will explain what I have understood: when you go to the bathroom and you “push” when defecating, this will cause high pressure on the hemorrhoids and on the long run, this is going to “hang them out”!

Now, I started asking myself why do most people and even I “push” when we are in the bathroom!? It’s because of constipation!

When we are constipated, even if we have small bowel movements, we are still going to feel that “ there is something left“, that is why we push!

So, the first important measure in order to get rid of hemorrhoids is to get rid of constipation.

The best way to get rid of constipation is to apply these two simple steps:

The first one is to consume three tablespoons of ground flaxseeds a day, trust me, this is what I do every day and no matter what I eat, I will always go to the bathroom and “get rid of” everything.

The second step is to drink at least five cups of water a day, three cups in the morning when you wake up and then you can drink as much water as you want and need. The most important step is the first three cups of water you drink in the morning.

Water is extremely important for having regular bowel movements  because it’s going to hydrate your body and thus will soften your stools and make them less “sticky” in your colon.

If you do not do these two steps, you are simply not going to be able to get rid of hemorrhoids, even after using garlic!

Now, let me show you how to use garlic for getting rid of your painful and embarrassing hemorrhoids.

Apart from the various hemorrhoid products available on the market, you can also use natural remedies to get relief from painful hemorrhoidal symptoms.

Studies have shown that raw garlic for hemorrhoids can be an effective remedy.

Garlic (Allium sativum) is known for its both medicinal and culinary benefits, but can it alleviate hemorrhoids symptoms? Let’s find out.

Garlic is often described as a flower, a vegetable and a herb. It is an ancient remedy used in treating different medical conditions.

Garlic produces 3 effects to serve as an excellent remedy at treating hemorrhoids. It is a potent antibiotic; it reduces blood pressure, and it is an antioxidant.

Recent studies have identified the active agent in garlic. This active agent is called allicin. Allicin is responsible for most of the health benefits of garlic as well as its aroma.

How It Works?

Garlic may be used as a suppository to get rid of hemorrhoids.

It works by reinforcing blood vessels and destroying germs in the rectal region. It also reduces skin inflammation.

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the inflamed area in and around the anus.

The astringent properties of the herb assist in quick recovery of damaged walls of the blood vessels.

A garlic enema can cleanse the intestinal tract and reduce discomfort in passing bowels.

How To Use?

Consuming garlic is an effective way to alleviate pain, itching, and irritation associated with hemorrhoids.

You may consider consuming garlic pills along with your meals. It can also be used topically to reduce inflammation in the rectal region.

To use garlic as a suppository, grind a few cloves of garlic along with coconut or olive oil. Make sure you froze the clove before use. The cones should be placed in the rectum, this will be a little uncomfortable but it will help in alleviating and treating well the sick varicose veins.

Leave the garlic suppository overnight and let your normal bowel movement dispose of it.

Replicate this garlic treatment 3 times each week to alleviate pain, itching, and irritation.

Don’t use garlic for bleeding hemorrhoids as this may aggravate the condition.


  • Reverse often your underwear– Your underwear should always be clean and made out of cotton fabric. Invert it several times a day. Carry with your always an extra pair of underwear especially if you have bleeding hemorrhoids. Your underwear should always be soft and comfortable in order to prevent irritation who can cause itching and swelling.
  • Cold sits baths– poking can be prevented by cold washing baths. This treatment is very effective for transient external hemorrhoids. Put water in your bath, add sea salt and sit in for about 15 minutes. Also, you can make a cold compress and put it directly into the anus. This will help in reducing swelling, discomfort, and pain.
  • Consume more foods rich in fiber
  • Drink large amounts of water
  • Exercise regularly



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