This Juice Cured Gray Hair Before Any Hair Dyes Were Even Invented

Graying is a condition that comes with aging and unfortunately it’s inevitable.

Melanin, a pigment contained in the hair follicles is responsible for this condition. It gives human skin, hair and eyes their color. When the body stops producing this pigment, the hair starts to become colorless, turning white (not gray!). Actually, it’s the combination of black and white hair that leads us to believe our hairs turn gray.

It’s natural for older people to have grey hair, but sometimes this process can start in their 20’s. This is called “early graying”, and there are many reasons behind it.

  1. Genetics

The pigmentation ability of all the hair follicles is determined by genes, so if your parents had an early loss of pigmentation, it’s very likely it will happen to you as well.

  1. Smoking

Cigarettes are proved to speed up the graying process. That’s why smokers have higher chances of getting gray hair earlier.

  1. Anemia

Early graying can be caused by many medical conditions, especially by vitamin B 12 deficiency, which is also a cause of anemia.

  1. Medications

Certain medications can not only cause damage to many body functions, but to your hair as well.

  1. Age

This is the main reason for graying.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

When there’s too much hydrogen peroxide in your hair follicles, it will cause oxidation of the hairs, which leads to loss of pigmentation and eventually, graying.

Natural Solutions:

  • Onion Juice Mixed with Lemon Juice

This mixture was used even before modern hair dyes were invented. In order to slow down the process of graying, people started to rub onions on their hair, which actually proved to be the perfect solution. This will also make your hair grow faster!

  • Henna

You should consider using henna for covering the gray hairs. It’s a natural alternative to synthetic hair dyes that colors your hair without damaging it.



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