Just Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House And See The Results! (VIDEO)

Known as a popular leaf, Laurel leaf is a well known spice which probably has a special place in your kitchen. But, few know that, aside from food preparation, these leaves from the Mediterranean evergreen tree can also be used for many health benefits.


These leaves can be used to prepare a curative oil which has many health properties. Today, learn more about the characteristics of this oil, and learn the method how to prepare and apply it.

The health benefits of the laurel leaf:

  • Reduces pain
  • It calms the nervous system
  • Increases and stimulates the sweating process
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Boosts overall mental activity
  • In addition, it can be used to treat varicose veins and painful joints.

For the preparation of this oil, you will need:

  • 30 grams of laurel leaves
  • 250 ml of olive oil


Mash the laurel leaves and then pour olive oil over them. Store the mixture into a glass bottle, close it well and put it in a dark and cool place and let it stay for 14 days. You should shake the contents of the bottle from time to time. After 14 days strain the oil through a cheesecloth and transfer the liquid into another container.Make sure to keep the derived laurel oil in a cold room.

Laurel oil as a medicine:

If you have the need, gently heat the laurel oil on steam. Then, rub the oil on the painful joints.

 Additionally to this joint treatment, laurel oil can be used for treatment of inflamed lymph ulcers, migraine and diseases of ears as well. If you have a headache you just need to massage the temples with this oil. This is the time, you’ll realize that your pain is gone.

So, next time, instead of having an aspirin, get some laurel oil, because this oil has the ability to reduce the increased body temperature.It can also be helpful in eliminating stomach and intestines pain, it normalizes the liver and the kidney function, and it improves the appetite.

Moreover, laurel oil works great as a preventive measure. It can increase the resistance to various infections, and it really helps when it comes to strengthening the immune system.

You can prepare a lotion with laurel oil and this can help you solve problems with your skin on the face. The lotion is very effective in the fight of acne and blackheads.

Watch the effects you will get if you burn a bay leaf:

Source: www.yourstylishlife.com

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