She Lost 225 Pounds At Age 63 By Following These 7 Simple Steps

Diane Naylor (63) weighed more than 400 pounds. Not only that she was ashamed to go outside because of her looks, she couldn’t even if she wanted to. In the interview she said: “I felt miserable and depressed because of my weight. I wasn’t active at all and I couldn’t do all of the things I wanted to.”

It was an episode of the TV show “Castle” that changed her life and inspired her to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

One of the medical examiners was telling the lead actress she should follow her dreams,” Naylor explained. “He pointed to the corpses and said, ‘All those people had dreams, but their time ran out, so don’t let that happen to you.’ It was like a light bulb went off — I had a lot of dreams, too, and I wanted to accomplish them.”

Now, with 225 pounds less, Diane is an inspiration to many people around the world. Here are the 7 steps she followed to completely transform her life:

  1. Start NOW!

Don’t put it offNo one gets any younger, and the younger you are, the easier it is. I started at 59, which proves anyone can do it. Why start six months from now? Start today!

  1. Change Your Lifestyle to the Better!

When Diane first started walking, she couldn’t even make it to the mailbox. But she was persistent and if payed off – she lost 20 pounds only by walking and eating better. Today, she doesn’t stop until she completes at least 10,000 steps per day. She also goes on 4-mile hikes and performs 20-30-mile bicycle rides with her niece.

  1. A Support Network Can Be Quite Beneficial.

After losing 50 pounds she joined TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly club), where she goes to meetings every Monday, receives supporting calls and e-mails and most importantly, she is encouraged by other members.

The Monday meetings help me keep myself in check during the weekends, when I’d be most likely to cheat,” Naylor said. “If you don’t have access to a similar group — start one yourself! Find similar-minded people who will understand and support you.”

  1. Try Eating Something New.

Diane says: “I learned how exactly to eat seafood. I didn’t look after it before, but I picked up an air fryer which helped me make it without the grease and I in fact just like the way it tastes”.

  1. Don’t EMBARK on a “DIET.”

As many other people, Diane also thought that following a certain fad diet can lead to quick weight loss. But, she couldn’t be more wrong. Not only she didn’t lose weight, she gained even more because of the diet’s “yo-yo” effect. Luckily, she understood that it takes time to develop healthy habits and keep them for a lifetime. Losing weight may be a short-term goal, but being healthy is more important for her. She decided to avoid junk food and artificial sugar and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

  1. Don’t Give Up!

It could take six or maybe eight weeks for the scale to move, but throughout that time, you will see the inches coming off of the body,” she said pointing out that you mustn’t quit!

  1. Have One Meal at a Time!

Candy, snacks and ice cream are always temptations for me. Remaining healthy is a continuous, each day decision,” Diane said.

The biggest advice Diane Naylor has for you is: “On the off chance that she can achieve it, so would you be able to! Begin little, and just start – don’t continue putting it off until Monday.”



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