Not Everyone Has this Line on Their Palms – This is What it Means if You Have It!

If you take a closer look, you will notice how some people have a curvy line under their middle and ring finger.


This is known by many people as the love belt or “Venus’s circle”. Not everyone has this but here is the meaning behind this line…

The love belt line can be found in people who are vulnerable and sensitive to love issues. If a person’s circle is closed, this means that a disappointment from love is imminent.

Therefore if you happen to have this life circle on your palms, you shouldn’t consider break-ups as the end of the world and fatal things, just view them as one big life lesson.

On the other side, if your line is a semi-circle, then this is a sign that you will face love issues at a certain point in your life, but these problems will not be unsolvable and you will handle them well.

Another meaning if you have a few semi-circled lines on above other is that you have a sensitive and emotional character.

This is what the palm readers mean when they claim that they are capable of reading your future. However only one thing is for sure, that thing is that the heart line starts at your middle finger at the edge of your palm, and finishes somewhere towards your pinky finger.

So, what is your heart line?

If your heart line starts here, you’re a very ambitious, intelligent and independent person that is objective when it comes to judging people and their actions. You’re very good at making decisions and people often see you as materialistic and selfish. However you can use your qualities to make yourself along with society, better.

If your heart line has this following form then you’re one of the careful, believable and kind people that people have a habit of handing their trust to.

If this is the line that you have, then you’re as confident as you can get when it comes to love. You always find happiness whether it you’re in a relationship or single.

And last but not least, If this is your heart line, then you’re a calm, patient, open-hearted and caring person with positive and cheerful thoughts.

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