Oncologists Accidental Discovery – The Juice That Kills Cancer In 48 Hours!

A small group of Canadian scientists recently discovered that there exists extremely effective herb which has capacity to destroy cancer cells in a natural way within 2 days and without any side effects. These researchers proved that dandelion has a great impact over the cancer cells. They also proved that dandelion root significantly lowers the risk of cancer.

What scientists found out in their conducted studies was the unbelievable proof that a tea from dandelion root improved the condition of the patients.

An extract from a dandelion root destroys pancreatic and colon cancer, and it is also effective against leukemia cells. Dandelion root does not do any harm to the healthy cells.

Moreover, the root of a dandelion was approved for human trials since 2015, but it’s in the in the first time of research for treatment of leukemia and lymphoma. According to Dr. Sciarra Pandi, who is a biochemist, an extract from a dandelion root represents one of the most effective natural remedies in the fight against this deadly disease.


The extract induce apoptosis within the cancer cells. Or, in other words, it makes the cancer cells to commit suicide on their own without making any damage over the healthy cells.Despite being in the beginning phase, it proved a great potential and may be the basis for all future treatments.

Source: besthealthpage.com

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