Overnight Beauty Tips To Wake Up Pretty As A Princess

A lot of women find it hard to take care of their lips, feet, skin or hair, because of the chaotic lifestyles. These overnight tips will be very helpful for you. Because of the fact that you can’t find time throughout the day, these tips will work even better when you sleep. This is because the body still works at night, even though we sleep, in a way that i repairs, rejuvenates and re-energizes it cells. So, take advantage of this process and help yourself. Follow these beauty tips and wake up as a princess.


Avoid unruly hair

If you have long hair, you must know that it’s damaged while you sleep. When you toss and turn in your bad you strain the hair and the friction causes knots and breakage. You can get satin pillowcases instead of cotton ones in order to avoid this. A celebrity hairstylist from London, called Michael Van Clerk recommends to make a loose brand whenever you wake up with knots in your hair. This will help your hair to be more beautiful with loose waves in the morning.

Remove wrinkles

Sleeping masks are very effective and work overnight as well. Make sure to pick one that’s packed with elasticity-building cranberry extract and hyaluronic acid and apply it before sleeping and hydrate your skin while you sleep.

Smoothen dry feet

This is a simple remedy and helps everyone with dry and cracked feet: put some Vaseline on your cracked feet and put cotton socks before sleeping. The moisturizer will stay on your feet and will enter skin easier. This is one of the best beauty treatments.

Moisturized lips

You can achieved the desired lips with a layer of almond oil. Apply the oil before going to bed, and wake up with kissable and smooth lips in the morning.

Soft cuticles

Apply some coconut oil on the cuticles to soften them before going to sleep. It will keep them moisturized and strengthen the nails as well.

Glowing skin

This special routine includes applying vitamin E oil before you go to sleep. You can also use olive oil to massage until it enters your skin. You can do this every night before going to sleep.

Eliminate pimples

Put some toothpaste on your pimples and help yourself greatly. Leave the toothpaste overnight to dry and your pimples will be almost gone the next morning.Make sure to use toothpaste, not some gel.

Grow eyelashes

These days growth serums don’t work good and don’t give the wanted results. One simple remedy that can naturally help you is castor oil. Apply on your eyelashes before sleep. Dab some of the oil with a q-tip along the top lash line. In 8 week, you’ll see great results.

Soft hands

Make a homemade scrub with brown sugar and olive oil, and use some vitamin E and massage your hands. Put on some gloves and go to bed. The next morning embrace yourself with younger hands.

Source: www.weeklyhealthylife.com

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