(PHOTO) Black Spots Appeared on Her Hand, and What Came Out of Them is More Than Disgusting!

A woman noticed some black ‘moles’ like growths on her hand.

She ignored them thinking that they will go by themselves.

But then, gradually they started to become worse and more painful day by day.

As the days passed, they grew bigger and filled with liquid. Also the blisters started spreading all over her hands and fingers.


She tried to remove them using wart remover. But the method proved to be ineffective and the spots continued to grow as before and started to change their color from black to a more dangerous looking green.




“I couldn’t believe how quickly they’d grow and how quickly one would start. I would look at my hand in the evening and the next morning I would find another one starting; they even started spreading to other parts of the hand. Wart remover didn’t do anything and even made the spots look worse.” the woman said.

She eventually went to a plastic surgeon who removed them surgically.


Though the doctors were not sure about what the growths exactly were, they believed that it was mostly Pyogenic Granuloma.

Pyogenic granuloma is a laceration that happens on the skin and looks like an overgrowth of tissue mostly caused due to irritation, bodily suffering or hormonal influences. It is regularly found to affect the gums and the skin and has also been found from the head to the thigh.

Pyogenic granulomas are skin developments that are small and commonly reddish in color. They have the tendency to bleed as they comprise a very large number of blood vessels. Due to this they’re also known as lobular capillary hemangiomas.

These growths are mainly seen to affect children and young adults, even though they can also grow in people of all ages. They can also manifest in pregnant women. This can occur due to the hormone changes, pregnant women go through during the pregnancy. They’re benign or noncancerous and can be safely detached through various means, commonly surgery.


Source: healthyfoodteam.com

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