If you press and hold this point on your chest, stress and anxiety and will disappear

The thousand-year-old technique of applying pressure to certain parts of your body is widely known and recognized as “acupressure”.


It is a similar method with “acupuncture” although it doesn’t involve any needles and this the best part.

Believe it or not, acupressure and reflexology has been a part of the ancient Chinese medicine for no less than 2500 years. It is only these past decades that it is becoming frequently used in the Western medicine as well.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is very present in our lives!

Ancient Chinese medical books in the Qing Dynasty, the Chinese herbal medicine on the table
Ancient Chinese medical books in the Qing Dynasty, the Chinese herbal medicine on the table

As we mentioned above, the TCM is slowly coming into the Western medicine, through herbal medicine, to diet therapy and at last – the massaging techniques that many people enjoy.

Aside from this, tai chi and meditation also play a big part of TCM and many people incorporate it daily as a mental health regime. It takes all three practices of acupressure, meditation and herbal medicine, to make a fully efficient treatment plan under the Eastern medicine.

This amazing acupressure method can efficiently relieve anxiety and stress! It is similar to the common headache technique.


Put gentle pressure on the area in between your eyebrows with your thumb, and hold it like this for 45 seconds. Then, while still applying pressure, push upward till you pass the middle of your forehead. Repeat this step for 1 minute. This technique has been proven to relieve anxiety and relax you.

After this, place your thumb gently at the place between your eyebrows, however this time touch the part that begins the slope of your nose.

This time, focus on your breathing and close your eyes. This part can also be followed by pressure to the point “CV 17” or the middle of your sternum, in the center of your chest plates. This pressure point is said to improve mood. Be sure to take deeper breathes because your chest shouldn’t move much while you’re breathing, but your stomach should.

If these techniques seem interesting, be sure to try them out since there isn’t anything to lose. After all, many people report feeling refreshed and healthy after specializing in TCM.

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