Put This in Your Mouth and That Frustrating Toothache Will Disappear in A Few Seconds


Toothache refers to pain in and around the teeth and jaws, that’s usually caused by tooth decay.

You may feel a toothache in many ways. It can come and go or be constant. Eating or drinking can make the pain worse, particularly if the food or drink is hot or cold.

The pain can also be mild or severe. It may feel “sharp” and start suddenly. It can be worse at night, particularly when you’re lying down. A lost filling or broken tooth can sometimes start the pain.

It can also sometimes be difficult to decide whether the pain is in your upper or lower teeth. When a lower molar tooth is affected, the pain can often feel like it’s coming from the ear.

If you have a toothache, it is best to seek immediate advice from a dentist before the problem worsens. You can also try some natural remedies to relieve the pain temporarily.

Natural Remedy That Removes Toothache In Just A Few Seconds:

To make this simple and great remedy all you’ll need are the following ingredients:

  • Clove powder
  • Coconut oil

As you see, you can find these ingredients extremely easy or you may already have them at your home. To make this natural remedy follow this procedure:

Take half a teaspoon of both ingredients, put them in a glass and mix until you get a paste consistency.

Apply this mixture on the tooth and gum that’s hurting you and you will feel instant relief (you can do this up to three times a day).

Why This Remedy Really Works?

Cloves have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and anesthetic properties that help alleviate tooth pain and fight infection.

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