Put peppermint in your home and say goodbye to spiders, mice, and other unwanted pests

We all recognize peppermint for its amazing smell, but did you know that it contains some incredible household benefits?


Well, believe it or not, keeping a few peppermint plants laying around your home can actually ward off the annoying summer pests and prevent them from sneaking in. In the meanwhile it will keep your house smelling fresh.

There are two varieties of peppermint you can find. Black peppermint has darker leaves and a stronger scent while the white peppermint has brighter leaves and a lighter scent. Both peppermint types require lots of water and drainage and enjoy partial sunlight.

Since you now know the essential tips for taking care of peppermint, here is how to use them so they can protect your home.

  1.  Natural Pest Repellent


Peppermint is extremely helpful when it comes to warding off the annoying pests. Keeping a few pottet peppermints around your hose will get rid of flies, rodents, ant ants.

Tip: You can also make a peppermint and water based oil spray to spray around your house. Use 9 parts water and 1 part peppermint oil.

  1. Keeping Your Furry Friends Flea-Free


Believe it or not, peppermint can repel some fleas and bugs away from your furry friends. Just tuck a few peppermint springs and place them under or next to your pet’s bed.

  1. Keeping You and Your House Healthy


Aside from being an excellent pest repellent, peppermint has numerous medicinal benefits as well, making it useful not only for the protection of your home, but for your health as well. If you’re having difficulties with an upset stomach, drink some peppermint tea. Also if you’re having problems from sinuses, boil water with fresh mint leaves and the steam will help you clear your congestion.

Source: www.shareably.net

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