For This Reason You Should Never Keep Eggs In The Refrigerator. Your Health Is In Danger

Most people keep eggs in the refrigerator ignoring the danger to their health and the health of their family. You probably didn’t know that if you keep the eggs in cold areas you contribute to the birth of a bacteria that contaminates the shell to stay alive.


This bacteria includes Salmonella, a very harmful one to our health. According to some recent study, the eggs which were kept at a room temperature contained a lower percentage of bacteria than those kept in the fridge. This happens because the eggs become contaminated when the hen puts and once they are put in the fridge a lot of bacteria are preserved.

Salmonella tends to multiply rapidly when put in cold places contaminating everything in the refrigerator.

Some countries have penalties if people put their eggs in the refrigerator, since it is forbidden. So, we strongly advise you to store your eggs at a room temperature in order to avoid health problems.


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