The Reason Women In China Do Not Have Breast Cancer!

Before you dig into this article we have to introduce you to Jane Plant. She is an expert and professor of geochemistry, but she is also a loving wife and a mother.


Unfortunately, Jane was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 42 back in 1987 and the cancer was threatening not just her career, but her life also.

However Jane didn’t give up. Instead she chose to do whatever it takes to fight the disease. She started a specific diet regimen and thanks to her changed lifestyle, her health got better and she is here to share her story with all of us.

Jane’s husband is also a renowned and experienced scientists and was working in China at the moment Jane received her diagnose. Shocked by the news, he started doing research on why the rate of Chinese women who suffered from breast cancer was so low.

And this is what led him to finding the cure for cancer. Although many people will say that this method is controversial, they are free to try it out now that the method is public.

The Story of Jane

Jane constantly received cards, letters and even herbal suppositories from her Chinese colleges. These herbs and letters were apparently supposed to help her defeat cancer, but at that point Jane just laughed thinking that these suppositories cannot help her in any way.

But she was always amazed by the thought of how low the breast cancer rate is in China. Then, she started her own research and she managed to dig up a study from 1980’s claiming that only 14% of the calories in the Chinese diet were fat, which is 22% less than the one in the Western diet.

This didn’t make any sense to Jane since she has been on a low fat diet rich in fiber. So this wasn’t the case and she continued researching.  What she found next sparked up what might have caused the issue.

The Chinese avoided consuming dairy products. This shocked her but in the same time it gave her hope and made her happy since she felt she was close to finding out the real truth about cancer itself.

She recalled that her Chinese colleges never drank milk, never ate cheese and most importantly, she remembered that she never met anyone that fed their baby with cow or dairy products.

So she continued her research again, which led her to the fact that 70% of people in the world are lactose-intolerant, which also means that milk causes many allergies. She was shocked that nutritionist never said anything about this and considered it perfectly normal.

Before she was diagnosed with cancer, Jane admits to consuming tons of cheap beef and dairy products. She also claims that she consumed yogurt in order to maintain a healthy gut bacteria that will help her with digestion while she was receiving chemotherapy.

Yet in her later research she found out that yogurt and many other dairy products were linked to ovarian cancer, according to a study by Dr. Daniel Cramer from The University of Harvard.

After this, Jane immediately stopped consuming milk, yogurt, butter and as many other dairy products as she could.

After just two weeks, Jane’s lump on the back of her neck started to itch and in just a few days it was reduced in size and it was softer as well. She went for a check-up and found out that not only was her lump reduced, but the tumour was cured as well!

Only 6 weeks later Jane couldn’t even find her lump. In fact not even her husband or a specialist could. It was completely gone!

Her doctor however was very sceptical and shocked by her method, but after he was proven that it worked, he recommends it to all of his cancer patients.

And of course, many critics won’t believe this and will question this method but just remember that Jane is a living proof that this method works perfectly well.


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