Remove This Life Threatening Plant From Your Home Right Now

Even though plants are a wonderful decoration in our homes, or sometimes we put them for medical reasons, we need to be aware and more careful about the choices of the plants. Some of them can be dangerous, even hazardous since they contain poisonous substances. One of them, called Dieffenbachia or so called “dumb canes” contains dangerous toxin – “raphides”. Small doses of this substance may not be harmful for adults, but it definitely causes problems for children. More than 70% of hospitalized patients are children under the age of 5, claimed by the doctors.


Unfortunately, one family had a tragedy and the mother is advising all parents to be very careful when deciding what plant they will buy next. “I have recently lost my angel of 3 years, who mistakenly swallowed leaf of this poisonous plant, her tongue swelled to keep in breathing and to her death. This poisonous plant snatched my daughter so I am warning everyone to not keep this and similar plants of having same poisoning characteristics at home else it can cost life of your loved one”- said the mother.

If kids induce it in high doses, death can happen at kids within 1 minute, or 15 minutes for adults.

If you happen to choose this plant or if you already posses it, place it in a higher place so that kids avoid any contact with it, out of hand reach. This plant cannot die since it is known for its tolerance of shade. Even eye contact can cause inflammations or more serious conditions.


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