When He Said Why He Put An Egg And Banana In The Ground I Thought It Was A Joke. But The Result? WOW

Garden plants need a lot of nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus for them to be able to grow healthy.

Organic fertilizers help garden plants by providing them these nutrients. There are organic fertilizers that you can make at home and you can easily find the ingredients for these fertilizers.

The benefit of using homemade organic fertilizers is that you avoid toxic chemicals that can harm your garden soil, plants, the beneficial insects in your garden, your pets and family while still providing the nutrients and food your plants and soil need to ensure a successful garden. One advantage of using homemade fertilizer is you save money.


Instead of planting with a pack of fertilizer, dropping in an egg and a banana into your hole will help your plant grow as well.

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Over time, the egg and banana decompose in the hole, and all of their sugars and nutrients get absorbed by the soil, and then by the plant.

The egg and banana combination provide just the right amount of ingredients that you would need from store bought fertilizer.

In the video that shows how to use this life hack, the man explains exactly why this works so well, and gives a few tips on optimizing your egg/banana fertilizer.

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Source: myhealthybook.com

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